Client Profile

In this section, you can change your personal account password and add a mobile phone number. Please note that at the moment, we do not send SMS notifications, so the phone number serves as visual information only.

Please be aware that changing your password in this section only affects your personal account. It will not change your password in other SpaceCore services.


If you need to add a user who can make payments for your services, you can use this section.

After clicking the "Create" button, you will need to enter the contact information of the new user. If the account with the specified email has not been registered yet, the user should complete the standard registration process. After adding a payer, the involved user will receive a notification to their email address.

Payers do not have direct access to your services (such as deletion, password changes, or restarts).

Referral Program

Here, you can obtain a referral link. When a user registers using your link, they become your referral. If registration has already occurred without using the link, you can ask the client to enter your "Promo Code" when ordering a service to apply the referral program.

In the "Income" and "Statistics" sections, you can view information about earnings from each order and a list of referred clients, respectively. 

The standard referral program income is 7% of each order.

Shopping Cart

This is where all the servers you have selected, awaiting payment, are displayed. On this page, you can apply a promo code if you have one and pay for all orders at once.


In the list, you can see the status of the services you have ordered and paid for.


Here, all available and current discount offers for you are displayed. Please note that all tariffs are scattered and may be located in different locations.

User Settings

In this section, you can further customize your account and the personal cabinet interface.

Key Features

  • Binding access to an IP address to enhance the security of your account. This feature should only be used with a static IP address.
  • Selection of the landing page you will be directed to after logging into your personal account.
  • Other cosmetic settings.
  • Linking services (VKontakte, Facebook, Google) for quick access to your account.
  • Two-step authentication using Google Authenticator.
  • Notification settings via Telegram.
  • Setting your account avatar.