On this page, you can view a complete list of your payments and their statuses. Use the "Create" button to generate a new payment for the required amount. By selecting an unpaid invoice and clicking the "Pay" button, you can make a payment for an existing invoice.


Here, you can track all expenses associated with your account.

Automatic Service Renewal

In this section, you have control over all services that are set up for automatic renewal.


Please note that for automatic renewal to work correctly, there must be a sufficient balance at least 24 hours before the service's expiration date. If you top up your balance late, we strongly recommend manually renewing your service on the service's page using the "Renew" button. This way, you can avoid any unwanted interruptions to your services.


If Automatic Renewal is Enabled

If your service is already set up for automatic renewal and you wish to modify its parameters, use the "Edit" button on the "Automatic Service Renewal" page.

On the opened page, you can disable automatic renewal or change its duration.


If Automatic Renewal is Disabled

If you did not activate automatic renewal when ordering a service, you can do so later. Navigate to the "Products/Services" section and select the service page on which you would like to enable automatic renewal. As an example, let's navigate to the "Web Hosting" page, then access the settings using the "Edit" button.

If you want to set up automatic renewal for a virtual server (VPS/VDS), you should go directly to the "Virtual Servers" page.

Here, as the first item, you will see the "Automatic Renewal Settings" tab. Next, select the desired duration.

Save your selected settings.

When automatic renewal is active, a clock icon will appear next to the status of each service on the left.