Using the information provided in the service activation email, log in to the control panel. Alternatively, you can access the control panel by clicking the "Go" button in your personal account.

On the control panel page, expand the tab for your server and click on the "Settings" button.

Here, you will be able to see real-time information about your server, such as network traffic, CPU usage, memory utilization, and storage. The right-hand block displays the name of the current OS installed on our server. Use the "Reinstall" button.

In the opened window, select the desired OS version. Optionally, you can choose scripts for automatic software installation (the same option as when ordering the server). Below, you can specify your password or generate one automatically. By checking the "Send password in email" option, you will receive the specified password on your email after the OS reinstallation.

Therefore, we recommend either saving the password in a separate place or receiving it via email because after clicking the "Reinstall" button, the selected password will not be displayed anywhere in the control panel.

Wait for the OS reinstallation to complete, and then you can start working! The connection is established in the same way as described in the instructions above.

Reinstalling Linux distributions takes approximately 2-3 minutes, while installing Windows images may take up to 20 minutes.