In the main window, you can save or open a file for quick connection to the server.

When using the "Save As" button on the desktop, a new file in .rdp format appears.

Double-click the file, and a window will pop up with a confirmation for the connection. Check the box and click Connect.

Done! We have connected to our server just as before, but even faster.


Here, you can configure the window resolution for server management, as well as color depth and display options.

Local Resources

In this section, you can configure the sound redirection for Remote Desktop, available key combinations, and additional devices.


Setting the basic network settings for the connection, you can choose the one that suits you best.

The "Persistent bitmap caching" feature is used to prevent black screen issues during connection. Also, leave the option to "Reconnect if the connection is broken" checked.


This section is used to configure server certificate authentication checks. You can choose options like "Connect without warning," "Warn," or "Do not connect." There's also an option to configure connections through gateways.