After logging into the control panel account and navigating to the "Reset" section, we see similar information.
Current status - displays the current status of the dedicated server (in the screenshot: Server is running - active. Consequently, Server is off will be - turned off).

Next, we see available methods for restarting the equipment, referred to as the "Reset type" category.

"Press power button of server" - performs the function of the standard physical "Power" button on the computer case. If the dedicated server is turned off, this option will start it. If the equipment is active, in that case, an ACPI signal will be sent to shut it down in a one-way process (without a restart).

"Execute an automatic hardware reset" - performs a complete standard reset of the dedicated server's equipment with the condition of turning it off and then on again. Works similarly to the "Reset" button on the computer case.

"Order a manual hardware reset" - automatically creates and sends a request to the technical department for a manual attempt to start the server under diagnostic conditions. This option is required in case of problems with starting/restarting the server. However, in this case, it may take more time to perform diagnostic work.