Web Hosting

Go to the "Products/Services" section -> "Web Hosting," then use the "Order" button.

On the opened page, you can choose a suitable pricing plan as well as the duration for which the service will be ordered. When ordering for more than a month, additional discounts will be applied.

After selecting the preferred pricing plan, click the "Order" button.

On the next page, you will see a complete list of parameters for your future hosting.

  • Auto-renewal is optional and involves automatic deduction of funds from your account to extend the service. Please note that we do not directly charge funds from credit/debit cards, so it is essential to ensure you have the required amount for renewal at least a day before the service's expiration. If the service payment is overdue, you should manually renew it on the "Web Hosting" page using the "Renew" button. 
  • HostName is the domain name that will be assigned to your service and will appear as "site.com." You can leave it blank, and in that case, a free subdomain like "ID.web.spacecore.network" will be assigned, which you can use to create your first website! 
  • The number of services for simultaneous ordering.

After setting all the necessary parameters, add the hosting to your cart using the corresponding button.

If you have a promo code, you can enter it. Verify the correctness of the selected service and use the button to place your order.

Choose a suitable payment method for the service. Please note that the "Account Balance" method is only available if you have sufficient funds for payment.

Make the payment and wait for the service to be activated.

Upon completion, a notification will be displayed.

You can view the activated service on the "Web Hosting" page.