To get started, navigate to your personal account. You can either create a new account or log in to an existing one. Once logged in, on the left-hand side, click on the "Support" tab and go to the "Tickets" page.

You will be directed to the main support tickets page. Click on the "Create" button to initiate the ticket creation process.

Here, you can compose and submit your request.

A Few Guidelines for Creating Tickets:

Ticket Subject: In the ticket subject, provide a brief description of your inquiry. For example, it could be "Account Balance Top-Up," "Accessibility Issues with Repositories," and so on.

  • Attached Service: In the "Service" field, specify the particular service on your account that pertains to the request you're creating and the information provided in it. If you have multiple services, you can skip this field and use the text to specify their IDs or other identifying information.
  • Select Department: The chosen department will determine which staff members will handle your query. For instance, if a technical administrator in their department sees a request for a balance top-up, it might need to be transferred to another department, potentially prolonging the resolution time.
  • For all non-technical requests like service purchases, plan changes, referral program inquiries, and the like, the "Customer Support Department" is the appropriate choice.
  • The technical department deals with equipment, network-related issues, consultation matters, and similar queries. The emergency service is essentially the same as the technical department but exclusively for critical issues requiring immediate attention.

The more information you provide, the faster your query will be resolved!